Friday, 23 July 2010

SUCKERPUNCH movie posters... Upcoming film from the director of WATCHMEN

Is the world ready for what Zack Snyder describes as "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns"?

Well, yes. In fact the world has been waiting a while in the cold and tapping its feet. But never fear, a down and dirty version of Wonderland is almost here... SUCKERPUNCH is due release in cinemas in March 2011.

The pic above shows 2 of the 6 SUCKERPUNCH gals - Babydoll and Amber. See the full set of 6 Suckerpunch movie posters for the film characters - it's looking very pretty indeed.

Now we all know... just because a film looks pretty and ticks the genre boxes, that doesn't mean it will necessarily deliver.

But I have to admit... as an old comics fan who read the original, I really did like Snyder's adaptation of WATCHMEN. And I am tentatively looking forward to to SUCKERPUNCH - at least I know it will be in good hands.

Plus, look at the visual references. Steampunk? Check. Lolita Goth japanese babydoll fashion? Check. Victoriana? Check. Old-fashioned fifties vision of The Future? Check.

Oh, and the plot?

Envision a mental hospital in the 1950s. Baby Doll, a mental patient there, seeks to escape her evil stepfather and impending lobotomy. So she retreats into the dark and visceral world of the imagination...


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