Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I love the smell of diligence in the morning

Or rather, afternoon. But diligence smells sweet at any time of day and I'm glad I finally got this blog up and rocking.

Why did I set it up? Well, I have a vested interest.

I work for the wonderfully acid-tongued UK film reviews and news site, Best For Film. They will soon be looking to take on guest posts. Good.

I'm also the editor of Mookychick, a rather brilliant site for alternative girls and women. It covers all the essentials of life - movies, girl gaming, alternative style, quixotic thought, a little bitta feminism and, of course, how to genuinely try to survive an earthquake.

Team Mook is always looking to make new friends and get new content from lovely people with something to say (what do you mean you haven't read our submission guidelines? Scurry over there as fast as you can!)

Mookychick is always up for guest posts. It's always up for lovingly pimping our guest bloggers with full bios and links to their blog/site and such. Anything other than would be rude.

As a result - well - I got a blog. My first one in years. How else will I be able to speak to you all?

Actually - thinking about it - it would be much classier if my first post was entirely in lorem ipsum.

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